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A Detailed Look at the Under Armour Clutchfit 3.0 3D

UA Clutchfit 3D

Under Armour are no strangers to creating boots that look outside the box and define a particular style of player. With the UA Clutchfit 3.0 3D, they have gone futuristic, creating a dynamic boot that focuses on playmakers and the ideals of feel on the ball. Earlier this year, UA ushered in an extremely limited release, and they sold out very fast. Because of popular demand, they decided to bring them back for a re-release.

In their most recent press release regarding the boots, UA stated that:

Our team set out to make a player FEEL something with this boot; FEEL something when they see it; Feel something when they touch it; FEEL something when it is on their feet and on the pitch.

You can see that they set out with a pretty specific plan for this one. What makes the Clutchfit 3D so different is the crazy upper design. UA has gone with a flow-molded “3D Clutchfit Auxetic upper” that flexes and moves with the foot. You can see from images how much definition and undulation runs through the forefoot and back across the midfoot. The heel features a leather wrap, producing a soft feel and free gentle movement as your ankle sways through play.

Find the Clutchfit 3.0 3D at soccer.com.

UA Clutchfit 3.0 3D Upper

UA Clutchfit 3.0 3D Side Profile

UA Clutchfit 3D Heel

UA Clutchfit 3.0 3D In Detail

The amount of definition really is wild. It produces an adidas Predator like feel; something you imagine would be primed for powerful shots and a little extra curl via the textured grip material. Each V shape features a deep grove, so the amount of surface area the ball connects with is very different to other traditional leather or synthetic uppers. Less material, but more angles that allow the ball to sink in and rebound in a slightly more spectacular fashion.

Does it add power to your game? I’d say it adds the advantage of allowing you to really feel the ball and strike with confidence. There is definite rebound, and as I said, they have that Predator like connection with the ball. You might anticipate that there is a more rigid rubber like feel to the material, it comes across that way in images. But it definitely isn’t the case, with the material feeling a lot more like a thicker synthetic that is very pliable, bending and folding in each individual V shape groove as it connects with the ball.

The fact we are moving into a time of 3D printed boots is incredible, and it absolutely opens up a new type of performance for brands to expose. This is an area where we have never been, but with printing advancement, it is the stepping stone for brands to create a much more personalized boot. Kudos to Under Armour for jumping on it first!

UA Clluchfit 3D Soleplate

Underfoot, a new plate graces the ClutchFit, working in unison with your foots natural movement. A plate runs from the midfoot through the heel, adding a stiffer support and control through twists and turns. Note here that out of the box, the forefoot is very flexible. So, you don’t have to worry about them being too rigid out of the box. In fact, this is another boot I’d easily add to the “take out of the box and use in a game first time” category. Obviously, it makes more sense to give them a gentle wear or two to become more familiar with the type of touch they offer, but if needed they are a game option. I’m a huge fan of low profile conical studs, primarily because they double as a solid option for players that jump between AG and FG surfaces.

All in all, through wear I’ve been extremely impressed with what they have on offer. Matched with their Blackout style colorway, they are a boot that offers a stealth like appeal – you really can’t know what they are all about till you get them on your feet. I’d recommend them!

If you want to see more of the Clutchfit 3.0 3D, find them at soccer.com.

3D Clutchfit Auxetic upper

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