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Special Edition Diadora Match Winner “Roberto Baggio”

Diadora Match Winner RB

Welcome back in the return of a boot with legendary status; the Match Winner RB Italy OG. The original version of the shoe was used by the great Diadora champions of the past, created entirely in Italy. Small tweaks have been made to this latest version to enhance the boots quality and ensure it suits both the most sophisticated of players and the changing technical needs of modern-day football.

In terms of performance, the upper features a water resistant upper in full-grain kangaroo leather with front padding to ensure a soft touch as well as complete support. Thanks to the hydro-tech microfibre used for the inner lining and tongue, the shoe remains waterproof and comfortable even in wet conditions. We are talking old school fused with modern upgrades to give players a nostalgic feel on pitch.

Diadora Match Winner RB Italy

Diadora Match Winner RB On Foot

Roberto Baggio introduced a Black/Neon colorway when they were released, a look that offered a very pure and traditional appeal. We were lucky enough to get an alternate version of the boot in an ultra clean White/Navy with some added Red detailing. Adding to the special edition tag, the boots are perfectly packaged, wrapped in special Diadora paper in an absolutely exquisite box and a boot bag included to cap it all off.

Right now, the only place you can find a pair of special edition Match Winner Roberto Baggio is at diadora.com. Downside is their high price point, as they drop at a hefty $275. Without a doubt the quality is there, and the boots feel spectacular on foot. For fans of the original Match Winner who have experienced the quality, there is going to be huge temptation to get a pair.

Side note; you can find a wide selection of Diadora Brasil Italy at soccer.com!

Diadora Match Winner RB Made In Italy

Diadora Match Winner RB Italy Heel

Diadora Match Winner RB Side Profile

Diadora Match Winner RB Tongue Design

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