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Nike Magista Obra “Lock In Let Loose” – Feature Review

Nike Magista Obra Lock In Let Loose

The second generation Nike Magista Obra has quickly become a fan favorite on the market. Worn by a host of top players, they have been created as the “evolution of touch and traction”. Nike has turned the Magista into a statement boot by introducing a wave of never before seen performance elements that set them apart and make them a market leader.

If this is a boot you have on your wishlist and you are ready to own a pair, then you are going to want to read on. There is a lot you need to know about these, primarily related to performance. Here is a quick breakdown with our take on what they have on offer.

Find this Solar Orange colorway available at soccer.com.

“Lock In Let Loose” Colorway

In reality, this is one of the most fascinating colorways currently on the market. Nike has it listed as Solar Orange, which is definitely a color that controls the upper. But, there is also a blast of yellow that breaks through and ads a more dynamic visual effect. You get a mix of yellow hues and the primary orange, with extra fire hot shades in between. The overall effect is very similar to a summer sunset, or almost like a molten orange. Adding black through the dynamic fit collar and on the lacing offers a dynamic contrast and really emphasizes the appearance of the structured knit.

Nike has moved the pattern placed on the Magista Obra away from the heat map style seen on initial releases. There is definitely an abstract look to this version, but it is one of the more uniform designs in the series to date.

Magist Obra in Solar Orange

Orange Nike Magista Obra


To the touch, the upper is so incredibly textured, like a mini mountain range running across the surface of the boot. This follows the concept of sensory amplification through feel and how the Nike team 3D mapped sensitive to touch areas against high-touch zones.  You’d expect them to have a stiff feel, which they kind of do outside the boot. But inside, Nike use a soft, slightly padded material that feels great across the top of your foot.

Let me raise the shock value here with a bold statement; this is the best boot for striking a shot to hit the market since the Nike T90 Laser series was retiredthey are seriously that good. You get such a natural level of feel and touch, with the benefit of an upper material that allows you to really strike behind the ball. The extra definition provides a perfect zone for catching the ball solidly without feeling the full impact. And that same definition allows for improved control on the ball, with the material “wrapping” around the ball as you connect with it.

Another huge improvement comes in the form of the mid cut collar, which has a wider fit with a different cut around the ankle. This has to be the route Nike takes with future releases of the Superfly and Hypervenom as it provides a much better fit and really does create an extension between leg and foot. In other words, the purpose of the mid cut collar on this release makes much more sense with a natural fit around the ankle that feels like it plays a role in performance. Also modified is the tongue-less design, as Nike placed some additional light padding under the laces for coverage in what is a high contact area. As stated above, these are one of the best boots for striking a ball that I’ve worn in a while. So, although the additional padding is not something I directly noticed in-game, it obviously plays a valid part.

Magista Obra Solar Orange DF Collar

Magista Obra Solar Orange Dynamic Fit

Nike Magista Obra Flyknit

Magista Obra Solar Orange Touch and Control

Magista Obra Solar Orange Upper

How do they Fit?

In terms of fit, the Magista will again be seen as one of the more accommodating releases in the Nike line-up. Through the forefoot you get plenty of space and there is some stretch in the upper material. They are definitely the widest through the forefoot of all Nike boots right now. Length wise they are very much true to size. They might not fit wide-wide fitting players, but they will provide the best option for players that want to wear Nike.

The Best Mid Collar Boots Released By Nike?

In my opinion, the answer to that is a very simple YES. It that has a lot to do with the actual shape and fit of the collar around the ankle and down through the foot. It is just so much more naturally effective that what you find on the Superfly or Magista.

Retail Details

If you are looking to secure a pair in this colorway, they currently retail for $300. That is a lot to invest in a new pair of boots, so you need to be sure that they offer exactly what you are looking for in a boot. Right now they are available with free shipping.

You can currently find the entire Magista Obra line-up available at soccer.com.

Magista Obra Lock In Let Loose Heel

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