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Akuna Cinquestelle Cobra Up Close

Akuna Cinquestelle Cobra

For the true traditionalists out there, Italian brand Akuna has released a brand new style K-leather boot in the Cinquestelle Cobra. What makes these so unique is the snake skin style pattern placed right across the ultra supple upper. The effect is more visual than feel, in other words under your fingers there isn’t a great deal of definition. The design is gently grafted into the k-leather upper, providing some slight traction in wet conditions.

Still handcrafted in Italy, there is a distinct quality that comes with a pair of Akuna boots. And it all starts when you see them for the first time. Each pair is meticulously pieced together, crafted to provide an unsurpassed level of comfort during game. Right out of the box they are ready for play, with a very supple feel to the upper and plenty of flex in the polymer soleplate. In fact, the soleplate is flexible enough to bend fully in either direction.

Akuna Cinquestelle Cobra FG Boots

Cinquestelle Cobra Snakeskin Upper

Cinquestelle Cobra Upper Design

Cinquestelle Cobra FG Boots

In terms of fit, they are pretty accomodating to a wide variety of fits. With the laces tied up tight, they will be suitable for those in need of a medium wide fit. But if you loosen up the laces, and allow the supple K-leather do its thing, they offer a pretty comfy wide fit. In terms of length, they are true to length, very comparable to other traditional style boots such as the Nike Tiempo Legend VII or adidas Gloro.

As far as classic style boots go, there is a special feel about these. Adding the snake skin like effect really creates something different, a standout effect on a black heritage style boot. Adding the stars on the heel as the only other detailing creates a king like effect, letting other players know you have a regal boot on your foot.

If you are looking to secure a pair, you will need to do some research. We received this pair from Passion Soccer in Quebec, hit them on Instagram for details on how you can get a pair from them!

Akuna Cinquestelle Cobra Stars

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