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Mid-Tier Boots – Why and Which Pair To Choose!


Best Mid-Tier Soccer Cleats

When it comes to boots in the mid-tier category, there are plenty of top quality options to choose from on the market. What a lot of people don’t understand is the fact that mid-tier boots are much better suited to your everyday player, offering quality performance at a much better price range. Most top-tier releases are designed with minimal materials, providing a high level of performance over a short space of time. They are not designed to last very long.

Think of how often pro players are able to change their boots out. For most everyday players, you don’t have the same luxury. When you are training a few days a week with multiple games on the weekend, jumping between natural and artificial surfaces, you need something that will provide more longevity and more affordable boots. Being able to have a practice and game pair is really the best scenario to be in, only using your game boots in key training sessions before game so they are ready for game day. If you go with mid-tier, you can easily go two pairs for the price of a top-tier boot.

First, what are “mid-tier” boots?

Given how the market has changed in recent years, talking about the mid-tier category might seem a little confusing. But, the boots in the category haven’t changed. To simplify things, here is the breakdown.

  • In the elite-tier, you will find boots priced between $250 and $300.
  • Top-tier are the boots that range around $200 to $230.
  • What we are talking about here is the mid-tier range, from $100 to $150.

As I said above, there are plenty of quality mid-tier options to choose from on the market. So, I thought I’d give you my take on some of the better options currently available to choose from incase you want to find some real value.

Nike Tiempo Legacy III

Nike Tiempo Legacy III

Price Range: $129.99

Designed in the same style as the Tiempo Legend, the Tiempo legacy is a boot that other players will find hard to distinguish as a mid-tier boot. Using the same quality K-leather upper definition (yes, these are K-leather!!) and a floating mesh liner inside the boot, Nike has found a way to prevent the soft leather upper from overstretching, meaning you can play harder, longer without your leather stretching too much. Durability has been improced in the Tiempo series, and they are about as comfortable as you will find. The only other thing I note about these boots is that they do fit slightly narrow, so they are much better suited to a medium width than for players that need a little extra girth.

Puma evoPOWER Vigor 2 Graphic

Puma evoPOWER Vigor 2

Price Range: $59.99 to $119.99

When it comes to true value in a boot that provides unsurpassed performance, very similar to their top tier brother, the evoPOWER Vigor 2 is absolutely the way to go. They feature a countoured spandex sock around the ankle that locks your ankle in place exceptionally well and a soft Japanese upper that provide an ultra clean touch on the ball. They really are a step above in their category. And when you factr in the ridiculous sale price they are currently listed at (the pictured Graphic version is only $89.99) they are a no-brainer to at least try out once.

adidas Copa Gloro 17.2

adidas Copa Gloro 17.2

Price Range: $109.99

How more people are not talking about the Gloro as a top boot option in any category is beyond me. During the creation process, adidas had a clear objective with the Gloro; modern innovation while ensure comfort and performance in an affordable package. A premium Taurus leather provides comfort while minimizing the amount of stretch and water uptake through the upper. Plus, who doesn’t love a classic styled boot with a wrap around tongue!

Now over to you guys; do you have any advice to offer when it comes to mid-tier boots? Do you have a particular boot that you currently wear and would recommend to other players? Let us know in the comments below!

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