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UA Clutchfit Force 3.0 ICON – They Arrived!

UA Clutchfit Force ICON

A few weeks back, we were offered the opportunity to be one of the first to fully customize a pair of Under Armour Clutchfit Force, part of the new ICON feature. UA ICON steps things up a level, by offering incredible new ways to create your own personalized boot. You can use an image, custom patterns, limited edition textures and a huge array of single colors. The system is basically the more comprehensive customization system currently available.

Advertised as taking 6 weeks to be delivered, my pair arrived after only 4 weeks, well ahead of expectations. They arrived in a larger than average white box, with an ICON graphic across the top and a magnet lid keeping the boots locked inside. Everything about the presentation is absolutely solid, including the “your legacy starts here” text located inside the lid, the final step before getting hands on your new prized possession.

UA ICON Unboxing

UA Clutchfit Force Icon Customization

UA Clutchfit Force Icon Soleplate

Initially, the Clutchfit Force was only included in ICON on a temporary beta basis. BUT, in the time since and thanks to some positive feedback, they are back for an extended time! Also, now UA advertise that they will arrive in less than 5 weeks with the same $250 price tag and free shipping, ensuring players know they will have their boots in a much quicker time frame.

Creating this pair, I went for something a little different, something that would match my college soccer colors, UCSB Blue/Gold. To complete the look, I included a touch of Aluminium on the Tiger Camo print. It is a little flashy but matches my style and provides a completely unique look to my boot collection!

Are They Worth Buying?

Before creating these custom boots, I was a Clutchfit Force 3.0 fan. I like what Under Armour has done with them and they have plenty of value for players that want something just a little different. What can you expect from the the Clutchfit Force 3.0 on pitch? First thing to note is that UA has switched to a new upper material called Trivela microfiber. It offers some slight texture, but not enough for it to actually raise up off the upper like the Clutchfit 3D does. This ensures a softer material and something that is likely to wrap around your foot more intimately. You get a much more natural feel from the 3.0, but don’t be fooled by thinking the thinner material won’t protect your feet while striking. They still have some enough definition to provide some dampening on the ball, with a little grip included.

Underfoot, a BZM plate is employed with a mixture of bladed and conical studs allowing for optimum traction. If you are talking actual surface, they can be used sufficiently on FG and turf surfaces.

To get your own pair of ICON boots, you need to drop $250 rather than $220 for a standard pair. That is not a whole lot extra to pair for your own totally personalized pair. If you are interested in the Clutchfit, I’d definitely recommend paying up for something that defines your taste and style.

If you want to try customize your own pair head to Under Armour ICON.

UA Clutchfit Force Upper

UA Clutchfit ICON Heel

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