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Biggest Soccer Ball Ever Released? The Jumbo Size Telstar18

adidas Telstar18 Jumbo Ball

If you were in need of a jumbo sized soccer ball, adidas has you well and truly covered. Last week, they released a jumbo sized replica version of the one to be used at the World Cup in Russia next summer. Calling it jumbo is an understatement; this version of the Telstar18 is HUGE!

We had one of the $300 balls arrive in last week from soccer.com, are there are a few important things to note. It arrived in an enormous box, slightly deflated and ended up taking several hours of pumping to get to a “match” like state. Note here that this is not a ball you are going to use in a game, and when fully inflated it is extremely tough to kick. You can knock it a few yards but without flinging it, you won’t be able to move it too far. This is not a top corner from the edge of the box type ball, lol. When pumped up, its 3ft wide girth makes it tough to squeeze through door frames. It can be done, but as per the image below you really have to wedge it through!

So, why release a ball like this? Well, adidas is looking for ways to celebrate next summer’s signature tournament, and special edition products are part of that process. This is intended to be a decoration, a conversation starter, a collectors item that can be showcased by hardcore fans of the international game. We have seen similar sized balls released for previous World Cups, like a replica version of the 2014 Brazuca ball. But this version has been made more readily available across the US market for the very first time.

Check out the Jumbo Telstar18 ball at soccer.com.

Well, I didn’t see this one coming……Trapped in my office by a Jumbo size #Telstar18 world cup soccer ball! 😂 – If you are looking for one, these are available to buy at @soccerdotcom #adidas #adidassoccer #soccerball #worldcup #jumbosize #omb

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