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The Soccer Ball You Need To Start 2018

Aviata Volantes Thermo Ultimate

If you are after a new ball to take you into 2018, this one is the best kept secret around! It comes from goalkeeping brand, Aviata Sports, and the ball is called the Volantes Thermo Ultimate. Built to be an elite level ball, we received one to test just before Christmas and it has left a very positive impression in the office!

What makes this one so different from other balls on the market? Well, it is all about the performance level on offer at it’s particular price range. The ball is created using similar manufacturing techniques to other top balls on the market, with the upper casing on this ball matching up very similarly with the touch and feel of elite level adidas balls on the market. If you run your fingers across the surface, there is some light raised texturing that is almost like blocks sitting side by side, one up and one down. This enhances general feel as you look to control the ball and move it away from your feet naturally. You get a cushioned feel without the ball sticking to your feet. That results in a nice pop off your foot as you strike shots, with the same type of ping sound you get from top level balls.

Aviata Volantes Thermo Ultimate Ball

Aviata Volantes Thermo Ultimate Soccer Ball

Aviata Volantes Thermo Ultimate All Weather

If you are looking for something that differentiates this from the likes of the current adidas Telstar18 it is the shape of the panels used. adidas has gone with a 6-panel design, each panel bonded for reduced water absorption and perfect roundness. This technique is really what allows adidas to drive the price up toward the $170, with an extensively researched level of performance on offer. Aviata use a more uniform 32-Panel design that mimics more mainstream balls. But, as stated above, the upper PU and casing has a very, very similar feel. Thus, Aviata has been able to provide similar performance at a much lower price point.

The one critic note might be the actual design used. It isn’t bad, and the ball has a quality look in hand, but when you look at the designs some of the bigger brands currently use there is a significant difference. If you are more about value for money and don’t mind the blast yellow graphics, then go for it!

In terms of actual price, the retail listing for this before Christmas was $79.99 but at the time of posting, that had dropped to a $39.99 sale price. I’m not sure how long that will last, but it definitely increases the incentive for trying one out for yourself! As I said above, this ball is one of the best kept secrets around when you consider it’s price. If you do, let us know how your experience with the ball is so we can share them with others.

Find the Volantes Ultimate available at aviatasports.com.

Official size and weight, recommended for all weather conditions.

Aviata Volantes Ultimate Ball Review

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