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Step 10: Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Now that you have gone through the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Steps in learning how to play soccer, I hope you would have gained the understanding of the fundamentals of the best sport in the world, as well as learned the techniques of various important moves . But most importantly, I hope you would have been inspired to start developing a plan on how to approach this game with even more determination and sincerity, because just like anything else in life , LEARNING DOES NOT STOP IN SOCCER.


  Do you want to MASTER the game of soccer ?

  Do you want your game to become way superior than any of your friends’ ?

  Do you want to become the best you can be ?

  Do you want to start taking small steps to a professional career in soccer ?

  Do you want to take your game to a level that you never thought was possible?


If you answered YES to any or all the above questions, then let me tell you right now that IT IS POSSIBLE.

Yes, it is possible provided YOU ARE WILLING TO GO THE DISTANCE, and give your all.

While this 10 step guide is great for learning the fundamentals and teaching you the essentials of soccer, in order to truly become GREAT at soccer and reach a level only a few players can dream of, you need to possess the following FOUR ATTRIBUTES


Soccer I.Q.

Soccer I.Q. refers to having the ability to play soccer INTELLIGENTLY. The biggest mistake people make while learning soccer is to overlook the importance of using their brains. Mediocre players treat soccer only as a physical game and waste their time and energy running all over the ground. Realizing the fact that soccer is more like a game of chess is vital. If you really want to become not only a good player, but a SMART player, then you have to know how to play soccer intelligently. When you develop your soccer I.Q , you do not get controlled by the game – because YOU CONTROL THE GAME.

Developing Your Touch

If you look back to our lessons on receiving the ball, you will find that we have frequently mentioned the importance of developing a great touch. Having an amazing touch of the ball separates the great players from the mediocre ones. Whether the ball is coming in at a great speed,  height, or from an awkward direction, possessing a perfect touch will make sure you overcome these situations with ease, while a mediocre player will always use these as excuses for not able to get the ball under control. Developing a great touch improves every aspect of your game, like dribbling, passes, flicks, shots , and a whole lot of other things. Most of all it helps you understand how to exploit the dynamics of the ball.

Advanced Skills

Even though we covered many moves and tricks in our advanced section, there are other vital skills that should be mastered by every soccer player. These advanced skills can only be learned once you know how to practice certain kind of drills which are specifically designed to teach these skills. Not only will these skills make your game look very glamorous, they are very effective in beating defenders and improving your dribbling skills. Learning them will your control on the ball immaculate.

Fitness and Nutrition

Another aspect that is continually overlooked, especially by beginners is that in order to optimize your performance on the field, your body needs the correct fuel. WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat are equally important criteria that need proper knowledge of various aspects of nutrition to be executed correctly.

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While our 10 step guide is good enough to develop solid fundamentals for any type of player, Matt Smith’s Epic Soccer Training can make you MASTER THE GAME OF SOCCER.

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I am a father of 2 young soccer players. My daughter is 8 and my son is 16. They are the reason I became interested in soccer. The more I learned about soccer the more I realized that it is indeed the beautiful game!

I am focused on helping players (and parents) develop the skills necessary to find success and enjoyment in this wonderful sport.

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