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Picture your previous Successes

We’ve all had our share of successes and failures on the pitch.  So what separates a great finish into the side netting or horrible miss completly off taget.  When it comes to penalties in soccer the answer starts in the mind.  Top players deal with the pressure by calming themselves, relying on their training and thinking about their previous successes.  Research has shown that if a player feels like they have control over the scenario they have a much higher chance of success. Employing a positive psychological technique along with training could is key and with the World Cup right around the corner I’m sure we will get plenty of drama from the spot.  No Pressure:)

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I am a father of 2 young soccer players. My daughter is 8 and my son is 16. They are the reason I became interested in soccer. The more I learned about soccer the more I realized that it is indeed the beautiful game!

I am focused on helping players (and parents) develop the skills necessary to find success and enjoyment in this wonderful sport.

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