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U11s dribble and shoot session

davidscwnewTaken from my Soccer Skills Curriculum this session has great match day attacking skills for 11-year-olds with ball movement, turning with the ball, running with the ball and dribbling the ball ending up with a positive shot at the end of the sequence.

U11s dribble with the ball and shoot

1. Set up a 15 x 15 yards area split into a dribbling area of 7 yards and a shooting area of 8 yards. You need a normal goal and two target goals at one end.

2. Split your players into pairs. When you say “go”, the first player in each pair dribbles to the line, turns using a stop turn, dribbles back to the start line then turns again and dribbles back to the line.

3. The second part of the continues from the line – players run on and shoot at the main goal. Give them two touches and 10 seconds to hit the goal.

4. Give 5 points for scoring and 5 points for scoring in the main goal. If it goes in one of the side cone goals give 1 point, and no points for a miss.

5. Once players are confident, turn the activity into a race to see which of the three groups can score the most points in 1 minute.

This activity is taken from my coaching curriculum – EasiCoach Soccer Skills ActivitiesClick here to learn more.

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